Since 1885, we have been passionate about our powders, producing unique propellants based on our traditional recipes, refining these formulations over the years through on-going research and a dedication to excellence.

Our special chemical compositions and expertise provides a guarantee of superior performance and consistency.Still today, our powders tell the story of our company, representing the true essence of Baschieri & Pellagri’s heritage and innovation.

Our commitment is to enable you to trust your ammunition and use it passionately.


POLVORA para cañón de ánima lisa
POLVORA para cañón de ánima rayada
Baschieri & Pellagri Spa - Via del Frullo, 26 - 40055 Marano di Castenaso, Bologna ITALY - tel: 051 6063411 - fax: 051 782116/781464 - P.IVA 00498941202
Codice Fiscale e Nr.Reg. Imprese BO 00290260371 - R.E.A. BO 115986 Cap. Soc. € 489.000 i.v.
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