B&P today

B&P is recognized worldwide as a “premium brand” for production and distribution of powders, “Gordon System” cases, plastic wads and cartridges for smooth bore guns, used in competition and hunting sector.

B&P is committed to maintain and enhance its heritage, together with the research and the improvement of the performance and the excellence of the products.

With the strength of experience gained in more than a hundred years of devotion to the hunting and shooting world, Baschieri & Pellagri is facing the challenges of the future today with as much enthusiasm as ever.

For shooters and hunters, from the beginner to the expert, B&P provides an opportunity to improve their shooting performance and self-confidence, providing them an exceptional experience each and every time, by using B&P product : "soft, consistent and unparalleled performance"


Our mission is to help people improve their shooting performance and self confidence, providing them an exceptional experience each and every time.


We work hard, every day, to be the best ammunition company in the world, in the mind of shooters and hunters


  • Passion for excellence
  • Fair process: communication, transparency, coherence, authenticity, openness to change
  • People : involvement, professional growth, engagement and initiative
  • Full commitment for creation of sustainable value for all our stakeholders, driven by passion and positivity 







Baschieri & Pellagri Spa - Via del Frullo, 26 - 40055 Marano di Castenaso, Bologna ITALY - tel: 051 6063411 - fax: 051 782116/781464 - P.IVA 00498941202
Codice Fiscale e Nr.Reg. Imprese BO 00290260371 - R.E.A. BO 115986 Cap. Soc. € 489.000 i.v.
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